Frosty Adult Treats To Beat The Heat This Summer

Posted on: 30 June 2015

During the hottest months of the year, frozen drinks and slushies will cool anyone down. However, making these popular treats with an adult-spin could be the perfect refreshment for your next party, social event, or gathering. Try renting a snow-maker or shaved ice dispenser from party rental companies, or invest in one to keep on your counter all season, and to have an unlimited supply of frosty, slushy drinks.

Some adults-only frozen treat ideas include:

Blue bomber.

Blue Curacao is a sweet, orange-flavored liqueur, with a fairly low proof, or alcohol content. This makes it a good choice when making frozen pops, gelatins, or other spiked treats. Add simple syrup to this liqueur to pour over shaved ice for a refreshing and sweet slushie.

Sweet and sassy.

Try making adults-only frozen pops, and add gummy bears for a fun spin on a kids' treat. Be sure to not add too much alcohol to your pops or they won't freeze. The best options for frozen pops are liqueurs and enhanced rums that typically have less than vodka or regular rum, which usually are 80-proof.

Berry delicious.

If you enjoy making fruit smoothies or milkshakes for your family, try making a jazzed-up version with a little Chambord, raspberry flavored liqueur, or blackberry brandy. Be sure to add a touch of sweetness, such as sugar, simple syrup, or honey, to offset the tart flavor of the spirits.

Refreshingly orange.

A quick and easy snow-cone can be made by combining triple sec, which is orange flavored liqueur, with sweetener and food coloring. This creates a syrup that can be squirted over shaved ice to celebrate any holiday or special occasion. For instance, create red and blue syrups for your Independence Day parties.

Magnificent melon.

The color of melon liqueur is typically a deep, emerald green color that would make a beautiful syrup for snow cones. The flavor is sweet, so add sugar or simple syrup cautiously. Try combining melon liqueur, frozen strawberries, and lemon juice. Blend and strain for a fruity, refreshing syrup for your drinks.

There are so many delicious ways to create frosty concoctions for your parties this summer. Be sure to invest in an ice shaver, or rent a snow-making machine to be sure you don't run low. Give parties a youthful spin with some fun snow cones or some tasty frozen beverages this season, while making it easy to entertain with these super simple snow cones and frozen drink ideas.

For more information about snow-making machines, contact Hawaiian Ice Company or a similar organization.