Making The Switch To Ice Cream Flavoring Syrups

Posted on: 3 June 2021

If you have been making your ice cream the more traditional way, which involves flavoring each ice cream with different ingredients and a mixture of extracts, then you may be looking for a way to simplify. Switching to flavoring syrups is a good way to do it. You can make one large batch of ice cream and then use different syrups to create different flavors. Making this change can really simplify your routine, but it may come with a bit of a learning curve at first. Here are some tips to guide you as you switch to ice cream flavoring syrups.

Buy them wholesale

Ice cream syrups keep for quite a while, so you can buy them in bulk quantities without worrying that they'll spoil before you use them. There are companies that sell wholesale flavoring syrups at a lower cost than you'd pay for individual containers of syrup. Find a good distributor, and get on their list to have flavor syrups delivered once a month or even once a quarter. You'll save money, but also time, with this strategy.

Pay attention to ratios

Sometimes a new user will check the instructions on one ice cream flavoring syrup and then assume the instructions apply to all of the different syrup flavors. But this is not always the case. One syrup may need to be added at a ratio of 1 part syrup to 10 parts ice cream. Another may need to be added at a 1:15 ratio. So, always read instructions individually for each flavor syrup you use.

Mix your ice cream really well

One of the hardest parts of using ice cream flavoring syrups is making sure they are fully mixed into your ice cream base. If you don't mix enough, you'll end up with streaks of color and flavor. Most people find that it's best to add the flavor syrups when the ice cream is still liquid — before it is frozen. And mix for longer than you think is needed. Make sure you scrape down the sides of the container, or if you are using an industrial stand mixer, use the attachment that has a side scraper.

Making the change to ice cream flavor syrups can simplify your ice cream making routine and save you some money, especially when you buy the flavorings wholesale. Be patient with yourself, and give yourself a little time to experiment. Within a few batches, you'll get things perfect, and your customers can enjoy your ice cream to the fullest.

Check out a supplier of wholesale ice cream flavoring syrups to see your options.